Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will all of the items I have purchased come with a Certificate?
A: Yes, everything that requires a certificate will be issued with a Certificate of Conformity.

Q: When will I need to get the items I have purchased Re Tested/Inspected?
A: Lifting Equipment for lifting persons and lifting accessories - 6 months (Max)
All other lifting equipment - 12 months

Q: What is Height of Lift (HOL)?
A: Height of Lift (HOL) is the actual height from where the hook will be required to stop at its lowest point ie: The Floor and when the hook reaches the hoist.

Q: What is Bearing Point/Effective Working Length?
A: Bearing Point (BP)/Effective Working Length (EWL) is from its lifting point at the Top and its lifting point at the bottom. Eg: on a chain sling, the inside curvature of the master link where the Link will meet the crane hook to the seat of the chain sling hook.

Q: What should I do if I lose the identification of my sling?
A: Remove it from service immediately, and contact TMC Lifting Supplies where we will be more than happy to advise

Q: I have been advised that I need to have a proof load on my chain slings, is this true?
A: No, as long as your certificate has got complete traceability on all components from the hook to the masterlink and can it be chased right the way back to manufacturer is acceptable.